Company Tax Planning Seminar

What ? Why?

A Tax Seminar is designed to people who want to optimise tax savings and understand tax incentives for company tax.
This also include how is to mitigate tax risk and prepare documentation for tax audit.

Better understanding and tax knowledge to people who want to optimise tax savings through tax planning, mitigating tax risk and optimising tax incentives and deductions

Why work hard to pay tax!

Tax-free money makes Rich richer. Learn Tax savings generate positive ROI. Only 1 out 100 entrepreneurs survive in business over 10 years.

DATE: 12 MAY 2018
TIME: 8.30 AM to 11.00 PM

Address: Lot 1-1-6, 1st Floor, Block B, Kolam Centre Phase 2, Hilltop, Luyang, Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu, 88300 Sabah, Malaysia. (Above Foo Phing Restaurant)


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