How to Raise Funds by Issue Preference Share?

Every company requires capital for growth. A company may raise capital through equity and/or debt. Why don’t issue preference share to raise fund? Preferred shares are a hybrid form of equity that includes debt-like features such as a guaranteed dividend. During this period, it is a good opportunity to learn and grow.

What You'll Learn:

• What is the different between preference share and ordinary share?
• What is the Pro and Con of fund raising through preference share instead of equity crowd funding?
• What is the type of preference share?
• What is term sheet and conditions of preference share, repayment period?
• What is the “terms” to protect the business owner?
• What is the return and risk as an investor? Minimum fund size and year of repayment.
• What is redeemable preference share?

Programme Details

DATE:30 JULY 2021(FRI)
TIME:4.00PM - 5.00PM

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