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HOW TO BOOST SALES During Covid-19 Lockdown

TIME: 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM

By Asia’s NO.1 Sales Training Company!
PRESENTING TO YOU: Grandmaster Hanzo Ng

An excited to announce that Dato’ George Lim, founder and CEO of G & A Group and PUMM State Chairman will be going a Zoom LIVE Session with Grandmaster Hanzo Ng.

Greetings From Sales Ninja,
It’s a crazy season for all of us, but this is a good time to learn new methods and techniques to boost your sales let it be individually or as a team during this Global Pandemic!
We have successfully trained 300+ business owners and also individuals who want to improve themselves during the crisis, and we are continuously striving to provide the best for all our clients. Grandmaster Hanzo Ng will be having a sharing session in order to motivate those who are currently struggling during the Crisis.

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